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Urdu is the national language of Pakistan and the official language of 6 states of India. You can find a lot of similarities in these two languages even though Hindi is mostly based on Sanskrit while Urdu has taken a lot from Persian and Arabic. All in all, the language counts more than 100 million speakers. You can meet people speaking Urdu in Afghanistan, Botswana, Bangladesh, Mauritius, and even Norway. It is a language with a long history that has absorbed the words and pronunciations of other tongues. Nevertheless, it has its unique features and cultural differences. Our experts are aware of those and will be glad to help you with the translation of any kind.

Language Facts

  • One of the features Urdu has is formal and informal verb forms. You have to be very careful using three different degrees of formality. The first one is for your family and the closest friends, the second is also informal and used when talking to acquaintances, and the third one is for the people you don't know and seniors. It is crucial to know the difference between these forms and use the appropriate one. Even when you decide to address to someone you don't know on the street, you can't just say "hi" or "hey" as you normally would.
  • There are special words containing respectful suffixes to use in this situation. One word can have several forms and you have to be sure when to use each of them. Even the word "you" will sound differently when you talk to someone you are close to (تو), to someone you know and want to show closeness (تم), and when you want to show respect (آپ). On top of that, learning Urdu has one more complication for a foreigner - writing and reading from right to left. the good news is that you get used to it with time.

Types of Urdu Translation Services We Offer

A professional Urdu translator knows not only the features of the language but also has enough knowledge of the cultural aspects. There are also some things you should not do if you don't want to seem disrespectful or show bad manners. Sitting crossed-legged in the presence of elders is one of them. Even if we are talking about a family circle, doing so would not be a good idea.

We would not also recommend you to talk while eating. Although in the Western culture it is also considered impolite, an Urdu-speaking society will not tolerate such behavior at all. Everything you say or do that can show your disrespect to the elders is completely unacceptable. Unlike other Urdu translation companies, we have a profound knowledge of every language pair we present on the website.

Marketing Translation Services

In case your idea is to enter a new market and grow your business there, you will need a professional online Urdu language translator. There is no better way to build an image of your products or services than using a native language in the marketing materials. You can order the translation of your marketing kit here. You will discuss all the details with a translator of your choice via the direct communication. Some think that doing a translation of fiction literature is the hardest type of translation. In reality, working on saving the initial meaning of an ad slogan can be much harder. Use the talents of the experienced translators we cooperate with to avoid making mistakes in the wording.

Urdu Legal Translation

TranslateShark can accompany you in the confusing world of boring documents. It is the perfect place for you to find a professional Urdu translator who would guide you through the many nuances of the legal translation. No matter what kind of document you might need to pursue the business development stages. You will find the expert of the Urdu language who knows the required terminology.

Business Correspondence in Urdu

Although we no longer use pigeons for sending letters, we still depend heavily on the correspondence. There are not so many Urdu translation companies that offer fast and accurate translations of business letters, memos, etc. TranslateShark is the service that does not have strict requirements for the size and format of the source text. We will help you no matter what. It is the time that matters most in the business world and we will help you save it. You just have to paste the text you want us to translate or upload a file. Our experts will start processing it immediately.

Website Localization

If you are in need of quick and accurate Urdu to English website translation, this is the right place to order it. To have a business idea is just a beginning. The way you implement your knowledge and experience in practice is that matters the most. To make your business grow by conquering other markets, you need its website to have an English version. At least until you create the versions for other countries with their languages. We can help you with that. We've made the Urdu to English website translation easy by letting you choose a translator and optimization of the ordering process. Our translators do not lose time on formatting as it's done automatically.

Benefits of Our Urdu Translation Services

As you can imagine, there are a lot of restrictions one should be aware of. If you need a competent translator who is aware of all these language nuances, choose a professional with at least couple of years of experience. TranslateShark offers you this possibility. We collaborate with qualified translators only and can guarantee you the best possible outcome. Leave all of your hesitations behind and try working with a professional Urdu translator. All of our experts are fluent in English and Urdu. There is no chance left for inaccuracies and confusing expressions with double meaning. We know the most effective way to deliver your order fast and make it flawless. In the world of numerous languages let the messages of your business be heard with our help. Find online Urdu language translator that will really bring the results you expect to receive.