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Ukrainian has around 45 million speakers and is spread across the world thanks to a large number of Ukrainian immigrants. You can hear people speaking it in countries like Poland, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, etc. Due to the economically significant geographical position, there always have been a lot of people wanting to rule over it. The language has an eventful history and its formation was influenced by Polish, Latin, and Russian.

A foreigner will not feel an obvious distinction between the Ukrainian and Russian languages even though there is a big one. The former one is officially known to take the second place as the most melodious language in the world yielding precedence to Italian. Here you can listen to the Ukrainian radio to have an idea of what it sounds like.

The fact is that Ukrainians can read, write and speak Russian, while Russians understand very little of Ukrainian. The language is also similar to Belarusian. Until the recent revolutionary events of 2014, there was around fifty percent of the Russian-speaking population. But after those dramatic events, there is a growing number of Ukrainians who start speaking only Ukrainian as the sense of patriotic awareness reached a new level.

The Ukrainian language can boast of a considerable amount of synonyms a single word can have. For instance, the word "бити" (to beat) has forty-five synonyms. The thing to keep in mind is that all of those synonyms have a slightly different meaning. A skilled translator knows that difference and can pick the right word. If you are looking for someone who can deliver your message to the audience of foreigners, TranslateShark is the right place to find this person. We collaborate with the Ukrainian native speakers who are fluent in English. You can be sure that the text you give us will save its initial meaning and style. Talking about translation, there is one Ukrainian literary masterpiece that is the most frequently translated into other languages. It is "Testament" by Taras Shevchenko that has translations to 147 different languages.

You are welcome to try using our translation service for your needs. We do not care if you need us to translate some marketing materials or official document. Our company is ready to work on the most unexpected and complex topics there can only be. All of our translators have passed several assessments to prove their exceptional skills. There is no doubt that they are real professionals able to help you. We have also designed a system that allows a translator to get a source text in the most convenient format and start working on it immediately. It saves your time and makes the work of a professional more effective. Get rid of all the doubts and try using a professional and reliable service today.