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Ukrainian has around 45 million speakers and is spread across the world thanks to a large number of Ukrainian immigrants. You can hear people speaking it in countries like Poland, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, etc. Due to the economically significant geographical position, there always has been a lot of people wanting to rule over it. The language has an eventful history and its formation was influenced by Polish, Latin, and Russian.

Language Facts

  • A foreigner will not feel an obvious distinction between the Ukrainian and Russian languages even though there is a big one. The former one is officially known to take the second place as the most melodious language in the world yielding precedence to Italian.
  • The fact is that Ukrainians can read, write and speak Russian, while Russians understand very little of Ukrainian. The language is also similar to Belarusian. Until the recent revolutionary events of 2014, there was around fifty percent of the Russian-speaking population. But after those dramatic events, there is a growing number of Ukrainians who start speaking only Ukrainian as the sense of patriotic awareness reached a new level.
  • The Ukrainian language can boast of a considerable amount of synonyms a single word can have. For instance, the word "бити" (to beat) has forty-five synonyms. The thing to keep in mind is that all of those synonyms have a slightly different meaning. A skilled translator knows that difference and can pick the right word.

Types of Ukrainian Translation Services We Offer

There is no particular type of translation we specialize in because we cooperate with translators with different backgrounds. Some are experts in marketing terminology, others show off their talents taking care of the Ukrainian document translation. No matter what kind of text you want us to translate, there will always be a professional ready to assist you. We hire translators from around the world and it makes our service so flexible. No matter what time zone you are in, you will find the translator ready to start working on your order right away. Let us save your time and deliver you the accurate marketing, legal, e-commerce, or any other type of translation.

Marketing Translation

This is the English to Ukrainian translation company that can help you avoid miscommunication during the product launch. Entering the unknown market is always a big risk, especially when it is as big as the Ukrainian one. If you've made the decision to offer your products and services to the local people, you need to communicate with them in Ukrainian. Let the experienced translators we cooperate with make the process less challenging. They can adapt your marketing kit to the needs and cultural preferences of the local market. We know the importance of being consistent and communicating the same idea no matter what market you enter. The global brands have introduced this approach and everyone admits it to be successful.

Business Correspondence Translation

We offer fast online Ukrainian to English translation services to those who value their time. It does not mean that the translation you get will have some inaccuracies. On the contrary, we have the high-quality standard that does not allow us to deliver disappointing results. Our speed means that we work 24/7 and have improved the order system. The time issue can be a crucial point in the process of business correspondence translation. A business letter should reach its intended recipient on time. Our professional Ukrainian translators will make sure it does.

Legal Translation

We are the Ukrainian document translation company you can trust. We are the guarantee of positive results of your cooperation with a professional translator. You can be sure that all of your translated documents will be delivered on time. You don't have to buy a pig in a poke as we offer you the option of paying only for the parts of the translation you receive. We have left no chances for a translator to deceit you. Your documents will remain to be confidential so you don't have to worry about that.

Our team monitors the performance of the translators to make sure all of them try their best to meet the expectations of our clients. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can discuss the issues with the support team. Translateshark may issue a warning to a translator if we think that s/he did not do the job properly. This warning may lead to that person losing his/her job. our goal is to make sure you get the best possible result.

Website Localization

There is no way a business in Ukraine can be successful without a functioning website in the Ukrainian language. The country is in the process of self-recognition and wants every business entering its borders to remember its history and identification. Our English to Ukrainian translation company can help you follow the translation guidelines and take the desirable marketing niche. The tonality and wording are as important as ever during the process of website localization. Our experts know the effective methods and some secret tricks to meet the needs of your target audience.

The Ukrainian IT market is developing very fast. Some of the best professionals come from there. If you need to find a partner or order IT services at a reasonable price, Ukraine is the best choice. That is why the digital market is flourishing right now. No matter what services or products you may offer, there is a high probability that your online business will be successful. The only thing you need to do properly is to translate the online content accurately. This is exactly the task we can help you with.

Benefits of Our Ukrainian Translation Services

If you are looking for someone who can deliver your message to the audience of foreigners, TranslateShark is the right place to find this person. We collaborate with the Ukrainian native speakers who are fluent in English. You can be sure that the text you give us will save its initial meaning and style. Talking about translation, there is one Ukrainian literary masterpiece that is the most frequently translated into other languages. It is "Testament" by Taras Shevchenko that has translations to 147 different languages. This online Ukrainian to English translation company will turn your source text into a masterpiece as well. We are no competitors of the great Shevchenko but will do our best.

You are welcome to try using our translation service for your needs. We do not care if you need us to translate some marketing materials or official document. Our company is ready to work on the most unexpected and complex topics there can only be. All of our translators have passed several assessments to prove their exceptional skills. There is no doubt that they are real professionals able to help you. We have also designed a system that allows a translator to get a source text in the most convenient format and start working on it immediately. It saves your time and makes the work of a professional more effective. Get rid of all the doubts and try using a professional and reliable service today.


If you are looking for fair and transparent prices, Trabslateshark is the perfect service for you. We've decided to avoid the hard work of creating a complex pricing strategy and relied on our translators. You will not find exact prices for a translation here. The translators we cooperate with decide on the price and place bids. You look through the list of candidates and choose the best possible option. Also, note that the price depends not only on the experience of the expert, deadline, and number of characters but also on the language of the source text. The rarer the language the higher the price will be. The bids might not have a big difference but you still will have a wide range of options.


Is there a crucial difference between Russian and Ukrainian languages? Should I use the services of Russian translators as there are more bids from them?

Although the difference between these languages may not be that obvious for a person who does not speak either of them, it is a big one. Most people in Ukraine understand Russian because of the past (USSR) but do not consider it to be their native language. Especially, after the emergence of conflict between Russia and Ukraine in 2014. Therefore, if your goal is to appeal to the Ukrainian people, find a good Ukrainian translator.

I need to translate a poem from English to Ukrainian. Can you help me?

We have not tested the poetic skills of our translators but there is nothing impossible. You can place an order and find out if there is someone ready to cope with this task. As a rule, a specific category of translators engages in the interpretation of poetry. It is due to the fact that this kind of translation requires some additional skills, like rhyming the words in the way to keep the initial message alive. We wish you luck and believe that there are experts at Translateshark ready to solve this puzzle for you.

Is there a possibility to get a discount when I order English to Ukrainian translation?

We do not offer any discount to our clients. It is not because we are too greedy or do not value them. It is due to the fact that we are not in charge of the pricing strategy. Every translator decides for herself what kind of a bid to place. Therefore, we have no possibility to influence the prices you see here. If you think that the price is too high, you can move on to the next translator to see if it changes. Decide on your priorities and make the right choice.

Do I have to pay right after placing an order?

No, you will be asked to pay only after you receive your order (or its part) and approve it. Our goal is to minimize the risks of the clients. When you cooperate with a translator without an intermediary, there is a risk of spending money in vain. We give the clients guarantees that make the cooperation more reliable. Check if everything is OK with your order and only them release the money from your personal account.

Where do the translators come from?

We look for the experienced and talented translators around the world because our aim is to cover as many languages as we can. It is important for a native speaker to live in the environment where people speak their native language. It helps them stay within the context and follow the changes of their language. That is why our experts come from around the globe.

Privacy Policy

The way online services handle the personal information of their clients leaves much to be desired. We do not have any hidden points in the legal documents that allow us to share or sell your personal information. We have a transparent privacy policy in which we clearly state the type of data we collect and the way we use it. You can learn about it and ask us any questions regarding the safety of the information we receive from you. One of the important points you should know is that we never use it without your permission (unless we are bound to do so by law).

Money Back Guarantee

One of the differences between using our service and cooperating with a freelance translator directly is that we provide you with guarantees. Money back guarantee is one of them. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your translator, you can ask for free revisions or refuse of his/her services. You don't have to pay in advance at Translateshark. We store your money on your personal account. You can charge them back at any time before making a payment. Once you've approved the translation, the system closes this order and we can do nothing about it.