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When we hear something about Thailand, we always think of an exotic resort where we can finally relax and forget about all the problems in the world. But some people also consider this country to be the perfect place for managing their business from the distance and being a lighthearted freelancer. It's a common practice for translators to leave their offices and go somewhere to a beautiful place for inspiration and stress-less work. And Thailand is just what you need.

If you want to learn Thai to become a professional translator, it can be a good idea. The language is spoken and understood by more than sixty million people and has a lot of interesting rules. For instance, you'll have to learn different words with the same meaning but of different respect level – more formal and less formal. There's a big difference for Thais when they speak to a friend or family member and to someone of higher social status. Another interesting aspect is that there are particular words in the Thai language one should use when speaking to or about royalty. You can't address the royalty members using the same words you use for ordinary people.

At TranslateShark, we are glad to welcome the experts of the Thai language and will help them to find new clients. You can be sure to receive the payment on time, as the money is automatically transferred to you as soon as the translation is delivered to a client. One more benefit of using our service as an intermediate between you and a client is getting the source text ready to start working on. We've developed a system where those professionals we cooperate with receive a text that is ready to be formatted. You can quickly paste it into the CAT tools of your choice or start translating it right away. We make sure the interaction between our clients and interpretors is smooth and transparent so there are no unexpected surprises at any stage of the process.

Learning Thai is not a simple thing and you have to be ready some serious amount of time to master it. Going to Thailand and trying to communicate with locals can be a good idea as then you'll get to learn the dialects and new words you haven't learned yet. Don't be afraid of discovering this new world. It'll be a great asset fro your future career development as a professional translator. And if you need a reliable support in the world of translation, you know where to find it.