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Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world. In case you have a goal of making your business go global, you'll definitely need a Spanish version of your website at some point in your company's development. There's a great opportunity for your company to grow and enter a new level with the ability to reach the Spanish-speaking prospective customers. TranslateShark is the place where you can find professional Spanish translation services giving you a 100% guarantee of the desired result.

Language Facts

  • If you need professional English to Spanish translation, be ready to get the text that has around 20% more words than the initial one. There are a lot of details in Spanish which make the language more expressive and lyrical. That is why one word in English can turn into a whole sentence in Spanish.
  • You should know that the Spanish language is not the same across the globe. You have to specify what kind of a market you're targeting at and choose the translator who has the necessary skills to reach your audience. Mexican Spanish and Dominican Spanish have the differences you might not be aware of. Luckily, our online Spanish translators are. TranslateShark allows you to choose a translator by yourself, so keep this information in mind.

Types of Spanish Translation Services We Offer

We cooperate with numerous translators to offer our clients professional English to Spanish translation. You get the opportunity to experience the benefits of using professional help without overpaying. You can choose an expert you like relying on their skills and pricing policy. Stay within the limits of your budget and get the accurate translations right when you need them.

Marketing Translation

There have been a lot of English to Spanish mistranslations which led to some disappointing and embarrassing consequences. One of the examples can be Coor's unlucky experience running the Spanish advertising campaign. The name of the campaign was “Turn It Loose” which is cool and memorable. The Spanish translation turned out to be, as it transformed the slogan into a common expression that means “Suffer from diarrhea”. The results were not that good as you can imagine. If you don't want something like this to happen with your company, look for a professional translator who is aware of all common misinterpretations and knows how to avoid them.

The more consistent you are with the advertising messages, the more effective the process of building a strong bond with the audience will be. If you've used the services of another agency to translate your marketing kit, please upload the vocabulary of the words you want us to use.

Spanish Legal Translation

Doing a business means having to deal with a big massive of documents. Being involved in an international business means that those documents should be bilingual. We are a professional Spanish document translation company that can help you get through the labyrinths of the modern-day bureaucracy. You get the chance to choose a translator that has the appropriate background in the legal translation.

The main requirement to a legal translation is its accuracy. The terminology is tricky and misusing a term can turn into a huge misunderstanding. It is better to rely on the translator who has experience in this specific subject area. As a rule, to create this type of a document one needs to ask a professional lawyer or attorney for help. To translate it to Spanish, for example, you are going to need someone who is not new to the terminology. This expert should know the corresponding terms. Make sure to discuss these points with a translator.

Business Correspondence in Spanish

You can use the services of our Spanish document translation company for communicating with your business partners. We can get involved at any stage of the communication process and translate all of the necessary correspondence. Our translators can take care of your business letters and memos. To have all of the important notes after the meeting in both languages is the demonstration of ethical behavior and respectful attitude.

The translation of a formal letter is an order we get quite often. It is crucial for your foreign colleagues or prospective business partners to see that you are involved in the process of communication. It is a sign of ethical behavior and your interest in the process. To hire a translator is easy but to solve the problem of the possible misunderstanding with your business partners is not.

Spanish Technical Translation

Using the experience of our online Spanish translators will help you get through the challenges of the technical translation. Instructions and long descriptions of the technical processes require paying close attention and accuracy. Our experts can boast having the necessary skills and experience to handle the pressure of translating even bulky documents. The main problem with this kind of translation is the complexity of language. The terms and special expressions used in various industries are difficult to find. If you have a list of terms you would like our experts to use, please upload it to speed the process up.

Website Localization

Your website is the image of your company and you'd like your customers to like it. Therefore, you need to communicate using the same language with them. There have to be appealing descriptions in Spanish on your website. Knowing the cultural aspects and the behavioral patterns of people you want to appeal to is very important. That's why it's better to turn to a Spanish native speaker/professional translator from the targeted country for some help. And you can find one at TranslateShark.

The navigation and localization play the crucial role in making your online store popular and profitable. The way you present the information and the words you use for it can generate the desired level of profit or turn your business into a disaster. You need a real professional to built an effective business model in a foreign country. Define the countries with the most attractive perspectives for your company. The rest will be done by your qualified translator.

Benefits of Our Spanish Translation Services

Our services are online-based. You can reach us from any place in the world and at any time you need our assistance. You can get an instant quote and start working with real professionals right away. You'll pay only for the parts of your translation delivered to you. This transparent process of cooperation guarantees you the best possible results by the required deadline.

We save your time and make the process of finding the appropriate translator easy. You can choose one that you like from our list of professionals who are ready to take your order. There is no way for you to come across an unprofessional individual as we check their skills before we start the cooperation. TranslateShark offers you a quick and safe solution. You get the guarantee of receiving the desired result. We have experts in Mexican Spanish, Dominican Spanish, and all of the possible dialects you might need.


How many times have you thought that a company was too greedy to put such high prices while surfing the web? We all have these thoughts from time to time. It is quite confusing when a company that provides online services has strangely high prices because there is no way a client can be sure of the quality of those services. We thought that the best way to handle this conundrum is to let the translators come up with the prices themselves. They place bids and the clients decide if the prices are fair or not. There always is a tight competition so you are safe in terms of overpricing. Choose the option you are comfortable with and enjoy the fruitful cooperation.


Why is the Spanish to English translation I received so short?

It is not because your translator was lazy and skipped the half of the source text. It is due to the fact that the Spanish language is more lyrical and can have up to 20% more words than its translation to English. If it is crucial for you to have the target text of a specific size (number of words), you can discuss this point with our experts. We are sure they can meet all of your requirements. They have many years of practice translating to and from Spanish and know what to do.

I need the translation from English to Dominican Spanish. Can you help me?

Yes, we can. You are absolutely right in that the Spanish language changes from region to region. Although these changes are not dramatical, they are quite obvious for the native speakers. If one of the goals of the text you want us to translate is to appeal to the local audience, it is wise to choose a translator from that particular region. You can specify where a translator comes from via a live chat.

What should I do if I'm not satisfied with the performance of my translator?

If the final result is far from the one you expected to get, you may ask your translator for revisions. In case you think that revisions will not help, you can refuse to pay and charge the money back from your personal account. It can be easily made by logging in to your account. Note that it's possible only before you make a payment. After that, the order will be closed. One more thing you can do is to contact our support team and inform them of the translator's poor performance or inappropriate behavior. We can issue a warning which may further lead to that person losing the job.

Is there any way I can get a discount?

We do not give discounts to our clients. It is logical because we have nothing to do with the pricing policy. Every translator decides what bid to make. Then, it is your turn to make the decision of whether to accept the bid or not. If you believe that the price is too high, you can look for another translator. The process is clear and transparent.

How do you find translators?

Sometimes we find the translators ourselves and sometimes they find us. We want to make sure we have all the major languages covered. So, when you visit Translateshark, you will be sure to find the necessary expert. The only important thing you should know about the way we hire translators is that all the candidates pass several evaluations to join us. If they can prove their expertise, we welcome them to our team.

Privacy Policy

We want to show our clients that Translateshark is an honest reliable company. There are no points in our privacy policy written in an unreadable tiny font. We are open about the type of information we collect and the ways we can use it. Why do we collect any personal information at all? It may sound unrealistic, but we do it to make your experience better. To improve the way our website works we analyze the behavior of our clients and gather the feedback from them. The crucial point about the privacy policy is that we do not hide anything from you and use the data you give us with your permission.

Money Back Guarantee

You want to have guarantees when using an online service. We get it. It is a fair point. We are sure about the level of professionalism of our translators and, therefore, have a money back guarantee. When you are not happy with the target text and don't want to pay for the poor performance, you have the right to do so. The procedure of choosing a translator includes uploading the necessary amount of money to your personal account. It is just a guarantee for the translator to receive the payment. However, if you are not satisfied with his/her performance, you can charge the whole amount back. Note that if you charge a larger amount than this particular order, your other orders will be canceled.