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A good translator should know the appropriate words often used by the native speakers in the specific situations. Otherwise, the translation will sound unnatural and strange. If conquering the Russian market is in your plans, make sure to get a good translator in your team. And this is something we can help you with. At, you can choose from the variety of qualified translators to find the one you need.

Language Facts

  • The Russian language can be considered one of the most difficult ones to learn. It's tricky grammar and pronunciation rules can sometimes be rather confusing even for the experienced translators. But the most frustrating point is that even when you're fluent in Russian and make no mistakes in your writing, your translation can still have a lot of flaws.
  • Russian is the most popular language in Eurasia with over 170 million native speakers. It's the 8th most spoken language. With this in mind, you definitely should consider the opportunities you get entering these markets. Forget about using English in your communication with prospective customers as the majority of them do not speak it.

Types of Russian Translation Services We Offer

One of the most challenging things about working in a Russian market is that you'll have to translate literary every piece of information you have including the name of your company. It's the specific feature of this market. Some of the brands have tried to seem more Western-oriented and leave their original names on the offline shops and billboards. Unfortunately, it wasn't a success as the Russians prefer everything to be translated into their mother tongue. You'll have to work hard but it's worth it. Once you've melted their hearts, they'll remain loyal to you for a long time. TranslateShark can help you with any kind of Russian to English and English to Russian translation.

Marketing Translation to Russian from English

Although there's a common belief that having a business in Russia is very risky and often unprofitable, there are a lot of examples of the opposite. It is a country of huge potential and it's stupid not to use it. So, once you've made the decision to add the Russian market your company's portfolio, you'll need to think about localization and adaptation of your materials. Most probably you and your translator will have to find a new approach to the Russian audience as the one you use for the western part of the world won't work there. Your translator needs to know the main cultural differences and the concepts that can be perceived in the wrong way by your prospective clients. Do not make your English to Russian translation a disappointing process and use our assistance.

The development of the marketing materials is a long and challenging process. There are no guarantees that the messages you want to communicate will save their initial meaning after the translation process. Our experts will make sure the image of your brand does not get altered. They speak fluently both languages and can guarantee the best results. No matter what kind of an ad material you need - a simple brochure or a massive presentation - we will cope with it.

Russian Legal Translation

Looking for a Russian document translation website? There is no need in looking through hundreds of offers when you have TranslateShark. The experts working here can translate any type of document fast and without asking too many questions. We still have to deal with bureaucracy almost every day writing and signing dozens of papers by taking the responsibility of translating your documents.

To find the best candidate that can help you with legal translation, pay close attention to a translator's previous experience (you can find out about it in a live chat). This type of translation is usually full of special terms and expressions which are uncommon for the rest of the types. To get an accurate translation, the expert you choose should be aware of them.

Russian Technical Translation

Our online Russian language translation company can liberate you from the difficult spider work of translating instructions and other technical documents. Even those who speak both languages fluently will find it extremely difficult to cope with this task. The terminology and wide variety of double meanings one word can turn the translation into an exhausting process. Especially if one has never done it before. Our professional Russian translators have years of experience and will not let you down.

You might need one of the two types of technical translation. One is targeted at a general audience. It means that it will not numerous technical terms as the text would be too difficult to understand. The text that is targeted at engineers, technical workers, etc., on the contrary, will have a great abundance of narrow-focused terminology. Taking this into consideration, you might need two different translators. One that is aware of that terminology and one that is not. Make sure you know who your target audience is to use this service to the fullest.

Website Localization

Let us assure you that without a functioning website your business won't be as successful as it should. This online Russian language translation company will adapt all the pages of the existing website to the needs and requirements of your target audience. Needless to say that there is a big difference between the Western and Eastern cultures. The approach you take to reach the target audience should be different as well even if we are talking about the digital presence of your company. Our experts know the key points of this difference and will make sure to contrast them in the target texts.

Benefits of Our Russian Translation Services

Working with freelance translators is always risky as you can't be completely sure of whether the text you get is of a decent quality or you'll get it by the required deadline. We've solved this problem and want to be an intermediate between you and a professional Russian translator of your choice. We'll make sure you get the order on time and that it's of the proper quality. Once you place an order, you get a quote for it and know the exact sum you'll have to pay. And you pay only for the parts of the text you've already received. There's no place for any kind of fraud with our service.

The major advantage of TranslateShark is that we do not have breaks or holidays. You can order a translation from us at any time. One more point to keep in mind is that we work extremely fast. the innovative approach to the organization of the translation process helps us to minimize the preparation stages continuity. A translator can start working on your texts as soon as you upload them. We invite you to use the benefits of working with young professional Russian translators who are not yet tired of boring texts and demanding clients. We work 100% effectively and build the reputation of responsible and accurate translators.


There are many ways of coming up with the appropriate pricing strategy. Some companies choose the strategy of dumping (also called predatory-pricing) to attract as many customers as they can. Others want to underline the high quality and uniqueness by creating the highest prices on the market. We thought that it would be fair for the translators to decide on the price themselves. They can evaluate the level of their skills better than any company. Don't worry, they will not overestimate their abilities because the competition is tight. This approach gives you the chance to spend exactly the amount you can afford and think to be fair.


Are the translators here aware of the modern Russian slang expressions?

We have the translators who live in Russia and can help you with slang expressions. It is obvious that any language changes and transforms with time. A translator who can deliver an accurate and appealing interpretation of a text has to live in the corresponding environment. If you need modern (newly emerged) expressions, look for the expert who lives and works in Russia or at least has a constant contact with the locals.

What if I made a mistake in an order?

Don't worry, you can easily fix it. You can login to your personal account and find the page of the necessary order. There, you can modify some of the points and add comments/instructions. Look for the button “Edit order details” to do it. You should be aware of one crucial point, though. When you change the number of pages or the deadline, all the bids that the translators have placed are considered outdated. The prices will not be accurate.

What is the shortest period of time I can my order in?

There is no way we can estimate that. That time depends on the complexity of the source text and the number of pages. If you have an urgent order, you can discuss the possible probable deadline with translators. Some of them work faster due to their personal rhythms. If you are lucky to find the right translator right away after placing an order, you may get an instant translation within minutes/hours.

Do the translators pass tests to prove their professionalism?

Every expert who works here passes several stages of evaluation. All of them are well-educated and have several years of relevant experience. You do not have to worry about the quality and accuracy of the translation. If you believe that your translator did not do a great job, you may contact our support team to resolve this issue. A translator may receive a warning that will motivate him or her to try harder. If the situation repeats, the translator loses the job.

What do the ratings and awards of the translators mean?

The rating and awards system is designed to help our clients make the right decisions. You can learn about the best professional qualities of our experts and find out who is the first translator in our list. This list is formed by taking the feedback of our clients into account. It is a simple and objective way to motivate others do their job better.

Privacy Policy

The protection of the personal information of our clients is the first priority on the list of features Translateshark has. We inform our clients about the type of information we may collect from them and the ways we may and may not use it. We do not play any shadow games and are honest about the privacy policy points. You should be aware of the fact that we will not share your personal information with the third parties without your permission unless we are bound by the law to do so. If you have any concerns about the way we process the information you provide us with, please contact us and read the privacy policy page.

Money Back Guarantee

When you walk into a big shopping mall you can see and touch the products that interest you. However, when you are looking for an online translation service of decent quality, it's hard to understand which one to choose. All of the companies try to impress you with nice words and convincing statistics of the delivered orders. In reality, you can't be sure of what you'll get in the end. Will the translation be accurate or just a mess of foreign random words? To protect our clients from the disappointing results we offer them a money back guarantee. When you receive the translated content, your task is to make sure it meets the requirements. In case it does not, you can ask the translator to make the necessary changes or charge your money back. You have this option until you make the payment. So, be careful and pay close attention.