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The Russian language can be considered one of the most difficult ones to learn. It's tricky grammar and pronunciation rules can sometimes be rather confusing even for the experienced translators. But the most frustrating point is that even when you're fluent in Russian and make no mistakes in your writing, your translation can still have a lot of flaws. A good translator should know the appropriate words often used by the native speakers in the specific situations. Otherwise, the translation will sound unnatural and strange. If conquering the Russian market is in your plans, make sure to get a good translator in your team. And this is something we can help you with. At, you can choose from the variety of qualified translators to find the one you need.

Business in Russia Can Be a Good Idea

Although there's a common belief that having a business in Russia is very risky and often unprofitable, there are a lot of examples of the opposite. It is a country of huge potential and it's stupid not to use it. So, once you've made the decision to add the Russian market your company's portfolio, you'll need to think about localization and adaptation of your materials. Most probably you and your translator will have to find a new approach to the Russian audience as the one you use for the western part of the world won't work there. Your translator needs to know the main cultural differences and the concepts that can be perceived in the wrong way by your prospective clients.

Translating Everything into Russian

One of the most challenging things of working in a Russian market is that you'll have to translate literary every piece of information you have including the name of your company. It's the specific feature of this market. Some of the brands have tried to seem more western-oriented and leave their original names on the offline shops and billboards. Unfortunately, it wasn't a success as the Russians prefer everything to be translated into their mother tongue. You'll have to work hard but it's worth it. Once you've melted their hearts, they'll remain loyal to you for a long time.

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Working with freelance translators is always risky as you can't be completely sure of whether the text you get is of a decent quality or you'll get it by the required deadline. We've solved this problem and want to be an intermediate between you and a professional Russian translator of your choice. We'll make sure you get the order on time and that it's of the proper quality. Once you place an order, you get a quote for it and know the exact sum you'll have to pay. And you pay only for the parts of the text you've already received. There's no place for any kind of fraud with our service.