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The existence of numerous dialects within the border of a single country is a common phenomenon. The reason for that may be a temporary isolation of one part of the population from another. The absence of communication between the formed groups of people can lead to the emergence of different pronunciation of same words and result in huge differences in the language overall. This is why the Norwegian language is so diverse.

For many years, it was too difficult to travel across Norway because of its mountainous surface. People lived mostly in valleys in isolation from the rest of the world. There are many dialects in Norway for this reason and all of them have the same significance. To make things even more complicated for a foreigner, Norway has two official languages - Bokmål and Nynorsk. The country was under the Danish rule for quite some time and it had a massive effect on the language. Even after Norway separated from Denmark, the language of the latter country was used in schools. But every country should have its own language as a part of the unique culture. This lead to the birth of two languages mentioned above. Bokmål translates as a "book tongue" and is used as a written language that primarily. It is very similar to Danish. And Nynorsk, the "New Norwegian" language, has a basis of Norwegian colloquial phrases and various dialects.

All of these confusing differences is a clear sign that a translator has to be very careful to communicate the right message. There should be a clear purpose of the source text targeted at a particular audience. Do you want to inform, warn or entertain the audience? Depending on the goal of the text, a translator can then choose the right form of language and appropriate words to avoid misunderstandings. Even though Norwegians start learning English at an early age at school, any message will be better perceived if it's written in their mother tongue. The good news is that you can easily find a brilliant and experienced Norwegian translator at TranslateShark.

As you can see, there are a lot of aspects of Norwegian language one has to keep in mind during the translation process. If you do not want to risk your (or your company's) reputation, use the services of our translators. They are fluent in Norwegian and know all the differences between various dialects. They will craft a comprehensive text for the audience you specify. It is better to pay some extra money and do everything right from the first attempt than waste your time trying to redo it. We use a transparent approach and give guarantees. You will get the translation on time. Rely on the professionalism of our experts and order your translation today.