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Korea is an extraordinary country one part of which can be called the perfect model of economic growth, and the other one...well, not so much. North Korea is a self-proclaimed revolutionary and socialist state and mainly focuses on the military sector. Their main goal is to develop the nuclear arsenal in case someone decides to attack the country. There's almost no opportunity for international entrepreneurs to start a business there. But South Korea is something completely different.

You can easily bring your startup here and make your business an international success. This country has a strong focus on exporting the products produced with 31% manufacturing share of total GDP. If you start a business elsewhere and want to enter the market all armed, you'll need a good professional translator. Although most of the country's population understand English, speaking with your prospective customers in their mother tongue can bring you more benefits.

Several Factors of South Korean Development:

  • Strong orientation on the textile, heavy machinery, and steel manufacturing
  • Constant work on innovations. South Korea is among those countries that have the biggest quantity of patents registered annually.
  • Supporting the business sector. It's hard to believe but we might never hear about Samsung, LG, and Hyundai if it was not for the South Korea leaders and governmental influence.

Now that you have some convincing reasons for managing your business inside or outside of Korea, let's dig deeper into the most important facts about the Korean language.

  • The kind of relationship you have with your audience is reflected in the grammar you use. Politeness is very significant for the Koreans as well as it is for all the other Asian countries. If you don't want to write a message that can offend your target audience, it's better to use professional Korean translation services.
  • You can choose from 7 language levels that reflect the level of formality you'd like to use. It's crucial to choose the right one to reach your target audience.
  • Korean is the 11th most widespread language in the world with over seventy-four million speakers.
  • One might say that Korean is very similar to Chinese or Japanese but it's not quite so. Its grammar is similar to that of Japan, and its vocabulary contains around 70% of words of Chinese origin but h as no similarities in terms of grammar.

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