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If you are a fan of the "Lion King" movie made by Disney, you must know the famous phrase "Hakuna Matata" which translates as "no problems". And if you are a big fan of this masterpiece, you must have googled this combination of words to discover that it is in Swahili. It is the language of around 50 million of people or more as there are no specific numbers and is spread around the world. There are many radio stations that have programs in it (BBC, the Voice of America, etc.). You can also hear some of the phrases in Swahili use in popular songs and films.

Language Facts

  • The name of the language comes from the Arabic words meaning "coastal inhabitants" (Swahili) or "coastal language" (Kiswahili). The geographical position of the African coast is the reason for the languages like Arabic, German, Portuguese, etc. forming the vocabulary of Swahili. Traders who came to Africa communicated with the locals and had a significant influence enriching the language with foreign words.
  • Nowadays, Swahili is spread throughout Kenya, Mozambique, Oman, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, and UAE. English had its impact as well. The first missionaries who came to the Eastern coast of Africa to spread the gospel had to learn Swahili. Such a necessity caused the birth of the first Swahili-English dictionary.

Types of Swahili Translation Services We Offer

It is a global language and you might need an English to Kiswahili translation company some day. If you do, we will give you a hint where to find such service. TranslateShark offers you the help of professional Kiswahili translators available around the clock. You can simply paste the text you need to translate for our experts to start working on it or attach it to your order. We've tried to make the algorithm as easy and convenient as possible for our clients. But that would not matter had we not hired the best Swahili translators. The final result is all the matters.

Marketing Translation

For thousands of people to trust and like your products or services, the marketing support has to be effective. Your advertising materials and the messages associated with your company should be clear and appealing. Needless to say that they should be in the native language of your target audience. The experts we have at TranslateShark will find the most fitting words and the best way to arrange them into specific messages without double meanings. This is one of the benefits of our online translation from English to Swahili.

If it is a slogan you need to translate to conquer a foreign market, we will make sure it's comprehensive and has exactly the meaning it should. Our goal is not only to meet your expectations but to exceed them. We have editors and translators who make sure that the initial message is communicated in the right way. Even one word or a comma placed incorrectly can change the meaning of the whole sentence. There will be no misunderstandings as long as our translators are in charge of the process.

Business Correspondence in Swahili

Our company can help you set the right tone in the business communication. We can translate business letters and emails so that your partners would see the way you respect and value their cooperation. No business decisions are made via the phone now as every entrepreneur needs a written evidence just in case. You can rely on the expertise of our translators.

We can assist you with any kind of Swahili document translation. For you to believe all of this is true, we offer multiple guarantees. The policy of minimization of our clients' risks helps our service to build long-term relationships based on trust with them. If you would like to get a confirmation of our commitment to the high quality standards, place an order and see for yourself. We monitor the performance of the translators to make sure the quality is consistently good. If you have any complaints in terms of the cooperation with our translators, please let us know. We can issue a warning to a translator that can lead to further loss of the job.

Technical Translation

Writing a comprehensive instruction may seem like an easy task until you get asked to do it. Translating it is far more complicated. There are words that mean different things and it is often a real challenge to understand which translation choice is the right one. Don't worry as the experienced translation gurus of our service will make sure every word is in its place. They can make an accurate description of any technical process easy to understand using the appropriate language forms and constructions. We know everything about English to Swahili translation and will never let you down avoiding the possible multiple meanings of the words traps.

If the text you want us to translate contains special terminology that is not commonly used, please discuss this point with a translator before committing to one of them. It is crucial for them to understand the main requirements and make sure they can cope with the task. You can also indicate these details in an order form. The most important point is that it should be clear to you and your translator what is the goal of the source text and whether there are any additional instructions.

Website Localization

No business is possible today if there is no a localized website for it. If you already have a website and need an expert to adapt it to the needs and cultural aspects of another country, TranslateShark can help you. We guarantee that every user visiting your page will understand the main idea you want to communicate in your text. The Swahili translators we cooperate with can make even complicated things easy to grasp. A company's website plays a crucial role in getting a prospective customer to learn about its values and principles. The first thing we do after coming across a brand name we don't know is checking its presence on the web. Do not let this key point slip your attention.

Benefits of Our Swahili Translation Services

The main benefit you get is working with talented and experienced translators having the luxury of multiple guarantees. We will make sure you get the accurate translation on time. The issue with online services is that you never know what the final result will look like. If you have some concerns, we will vanish all of them. This is a reputable English to Swahili translation company that values its image and will never risk it.

The process of translation has been revolutionized and made much easier for both translators and clients. As soon as you upload your text, our experts can start working on it. There is no need in formatting it. You can choose one of the possible options to send the source text to us for your convenience. Swahili is not the easiest language to work with and there are not so many professionals who speak fluently in it. We can assure you that our experts are the ones that will lead your business to success. Rely on our expertise and responsible attitude to everything we do and enlarge the number of your prospective clients.


The dream of any customer is to pay less and to get more. that is why we love discounts and can buy lottery tickets from time to time. Translateshark also gives its clients such an opportunity. It is up to you which translator to choose and how much to pay. The price depends on a translator's bid. As a rule, the more experience a translator has, the higher the price will be. But there are exceptions to the rules. Sometimes, a recent college graduate can do the job twice better. We do not want to make the choice for you. You have a unique chance to chat with candidates and choose the one that fits your requirements best.


No matter the size of the articles we write about our service, there still will be questions from our clients. Here we try to answer some of the popular ones.

Do you translate the scripts for radio programs to Swahili?

Our experts can cope with any kind of translation. We are proud to inform our clients of the fact that the experts we cooperate with have various backgrounds and come from around the world. It means that our service can help you with marketing, legal, technical, and other translations. You can order the translations of scripts to radio and TV programs as well.

How do I fill out an order form?

The first step is to fill out a short order form you can find on the landing page. There, you indicate the language pair you are interested in, deadline, your email address, and paste or upload the source text. After that, you will be redirected to a more extended form. Also, at this stage, the system will automatically create an account for you. The extended form allows you to add any other materials you think will be useful for the translator and your specific requirements.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

Do not worry, we will help you restore the password or create a new one. The only thing you have to do is to click on the link "Forgot Password" located under the "Login" button. You can be sure that we protect your personal information and will help you restore the access to your account. If you wish to delete your account for good, you can do it as well. Just note that we will not be able to restore it if you change your mind in the future.

Where do the translators come from?

We have a multinational team of translators and it's a logical thing if you think about it. A real expert should be fluent in two languages to provide a client with an accurate translation. The golden rule of a translator states that one should translate only to the native language. So, if you need an English to French translation, for instance, it is wise to choose someone from France (or Canada). That is why Translateshark offers you a great chance to communicate with talented translators coming from different parts of the world.

Do you monitor the performance of the translators?

Of course, we do. We want to make sure the quality of translation is consistently good. However, quality is not the only thing we pay attention to when evaluating the work of our experts. If our clients come across a problem in terms of cooperation with a translator, we take part in finding a compromise and solving an issue. If we are convinced that the behavior of a translator is inappropriate, we may issue a warning to him/her. If after receiving it the situation does not change, the translator will lose the job.

Privacy Policy

When using an online service you want to be sure that your personal information will not be shared with the third parties and used in a wrong way. Translateshark has a strict privacy policy to assure our clients that using our services is safe. We abide the law and have strong moral principles. As to the personal information, when you use our website, we can get your IP address, find out what device you are using several other technical points.

Money Back Guarantee

Although you can be sure we will return your money upon your request, you should be aware that we can do it only before you pay the translator you chose. The process is simple. You upload the necessary amount of money to your account and release it when the translator delivers your order. Check it carefully. Once you've made the payment, the system automatically closes your order and there is no way you can charge the money back. Therefore, please be attentive and approve only the parts you are happy with.