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If you are a fan of the "Lion King" movie made by Disney, you must know the famous phrase "hakuna matata" which translates as "no problems". And if you are a big fan of this masterpiece, you must have googled this combination of words to discover that it is in Swahili. It is the language of around 50 million of people or more as there are no specific numbers and is spread around the world. There are many radio stations that have programs in it (BBC, the Voice of America, etc.). You can also hear some of the phrases in Swahili use in popular songs and films.

The name of the language comes from the Arabic words meaning "coastal inhabitants" (Swahili) or "coastal language" (Kiswahili). The geographical position of the African coast is the reason for the languages like Arabic, German, Portuguese, etc. forming the vocabulary of Swahili. Traders who came to Africa communicated with the locals and had a significant influence enriching the language with foreign words. Nowadays, Swahili is spread throughout Kenya, Mozambique, Oman, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, and UAE. English had its impact as well. The first missionaries who came to the Eastern coast of Africa to spread the gospel had to learn Swahili. Such a necessity caused the birth of the first Swahili-English dictionary. It is a global language and you might need a Swahili professional translation service some day.

If you do, we will give you a hint where to find such service. TranslateShark offers you the help of experienced translators available around the clock. You can simply paste the text you need to translate for our experts to start working on it or attach it to your order. We've tried to make the algorithm as easy and convenient as possible for our clients. But that would not matter had we not hired the best Swahili translators. The final result is all the matters. Our goal is not only to meet your expectations but to exceed them. We have editors and translators who make sure that the initial message is communicated in the right way. Even one word or a comma placed incorrectly can change the meaning of the whole sentence. There will be no misunderstandings as long as our translators are in charge of the process.

For you to believe all of this is true, we offer multiple guarantees. The policy of minimization of our clients' risks helps our service to build long-term relationships based on trust with them. If you would like to get a confirmation of our commitment to the high quality standards, place an order and see for yourself.