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Japan has become a synonym for a technological advancement. If someone invented the first speaking or walking robot, you know it has to be someone from Japan. Thanks to this perception, the country attracts the attention of entrepreneurs from around the world. This is the place where all of the future trends come to existence. More than one hundred thirty million people speak this language and with the help of a qualified translator there will be no limits for your business development. Japan offers an endless number of business opportunities and if you're brave enough to try yourself out and build your company there, there are several options of investments for you to consider.

Pharmaceutical Market

There's a high demand for drugs and other forms of medication in Japan and, therefore, this market has a big potential here. The value of the total pharmaceutical market in the country equals to around sixty billion dollars. If you have some background in this area and would like to make a notable contribution to the industry, Japan is the perfect place to make your dreams come true. Be aware that this is a business with strict rules and tons of regulations and requirements. Your documentation has to be flawless. If you need some assistance with translating it to Japanese, TranslateShark is the best place to find a reliable and experienced translator.

Retail in Japan

If you have a retail business and would like to expand its limits, Japan will be a good choice for it. You can find very interesting products here and find the manufacturers to work with. Or vice versa, you can sell your products here as there's a big potential for finding the best target audience for your production. Either way, it's likely that you'll need the services from a professional translator. You can order the translation of your products' presentation, marketing plan, marketing strategy, etc. Japanese is not an easy language to learn. And even if you can speak it, it doesn't guarantee you the best possible translation of your leaflets and slogans.

Jewelry and Fashion Markets

You shouldn't underestimate these markets as they are constantly growing in Japan. If you're a young designer who wants to be discovered worldwide, you're welcome to this country of opportunities. Don't forget to consult with a Japanese translator in terms of choosing the name for your brand. Some words may sound offensive or too funny to be the name of a prestigious company. Think about translating your online store (if you already have one) or creating a new one in Japanese. It has to be appealing to the consumers and stand out from the rest of the shops on the web. To make sure you're doing everything right, consult with a native speaker. There should be no odd wording and misleading information on your website.