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Hindi and English are the official languages of India. During its long history, Hindi has absorbed the contributions from Turkish, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese and English languages. Now it is widely used in the countries around the globe by the Indian diaspora. If you travel to the U.S., the UK, UAE or Saudi Arabia, you are likely to meet someone speaking this wonderful language. You might not be aware of this fact, but it takes the fourth place in the rating of the most-spoken languages. Hindi is just below Mandarin, Spanish, and English on this list. And it is no wonder, as there are more than 545 million Hindi speakers in the world.

Just as many other languages, Hindi has numerous dialects which are spread throughout various regions. This makes the communication process not as easy as one would hope it to be. Luckily, there are two aspects that make Hindi not so complicated to learn. First of all, it is easy to write in Hindi because you just have to note down what you hear. Each character differs in its sound so you can write words as you pronounce them. Another aspect is that there are no articles in Hindi. Forget about "the" and "a, an" differences as you will not need them speaking this language. It is nothing like French or Russian where a number of unexpected letters will suddenly appear in the middle of a word.

There are also many tricky parts for a translator to be aware of. For instance, you will find all the verbs at the end of sentences. The important part is not to try guessing what word stands at the end and rely on your intuition. The presence of hundreds of dialects makes it sometimes difficult to communicate the source message. You need a translator who knows the difference and can choose the right words to reach the target audience. We have exactly what you need.

The years of experience have proven that it is easier to do everything right from the beginning than try to correct the mistakes and redo it. That is why it is always a good idea to choose only professional staff to cope with your tasks. Our gurus have broad experience and speak fluently their second languages. They follow the golden translators' rule and translate only to their native tongue. No matter how good you can be at French, Hindi, German, etc. with English being your first language, you will never translate a text as good as a native speaker would. Rely on our fast and reliable service and you will not regret. We have tried different approaches to making the user experience as nice as possible. Now you can send your text to us or paste it directly on the website. A translator will start the working process right after we process your request.