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When you come to Greece for the first time, you immediately fall in love with its breathtaking views and hospitable people. Their smiles are so warm and the food is so good, you think you'll never leave this place. If you'd like to stay there for the rest of your life and help this wonderful country get through the economic difficulties, you're welcome to open your business there. There's nothing better than to find a whole new audience to work with and conquer their hearts. Our Greek translations services can come in great help as we offer a wide range of affordable solutions for small and medium business enterprises.

Language Facts

  • Around thirty percent of the modern English language are words of Greek origin. These words are used to describe some of the scientific phenomena and for technical terms. You might say that Greek has always been the language of educated people because even Roman Empire used it as an official language of education.
  • Learning Greek is not that challenging as you may think. A lot of its letters and sounds are used in English so you won't have any problems in terms of pronunciation. Moreover, almost every word in English that starts with “Ph” comes from Greek.
  • It's interesting that because Greek is such an old language, it borrowed some of the modern words and expressions from English. For instance, the word parkaro means to park. So, we can fairly say that these two languages interchanged some words to benefit from each other.
  • Like Italians, Greeks love using gestures in their daily life. It helps them to emphasize the importance of their messages and express themselves in a colorful manner. Not to get into an embarrassing situation, make sure to learn the most common gestures before going to Greece.
  • Kissing a person on the cheek is a nice gesture of greeting them. But it's not that popular among men. It's wiser and more polite to just shake the hand of your male friend.

Marketing Communication in Greek

The dream of the marketing gurus around the world is to make the customers as homogenous as possible. Then it will be easy to create a product or service that would satisfy their needs on 100%. Unfortunately for them, people are different and have different preferences. It applies to the people of the same nation and, naturally, to those of different nationalities. And as long as you wish to work with different markets, you will need to communicate with your audience in their native language. Our Greek translation company can become your faithful partner in promoting your ideas abroad. Alternatively, we can adapt any Greek materials to English.

The main task of a translator when working on a marketing-related topic is to choose the words that sound natural and appealing. There are many cases of translation fails in terms of international advertising campaigns. The reputation of a company is dramatically damaged in this case. It is more efficient to hire an experienced translator than pay a lot of money afterward to save the reputation of your emerging business. Our translators go through several stages of evaluation before they can join our team. There are also supervisors who make sure the work is done properly and meets a client's expectations.

Greek Legal Translation

Any business relationships are based on legally approved contracts. It is impossible to imagine two companies cooperation without any paperwork. In case you need the support of expert Greek translators to push your business to a new level, you can rely on Translateshark. We have expert Greek translators who know the best ways of following the standard legal requirements and keep the interests of both parties in place. Find the most precise professional Greek document translations using the help of our experts.

Discuss the peculiarities of the terminology with the translator you choose directly. It is important for him/her to know if there were previously translated documents and what terminology was used there. Consistency is one of the crucial points of any translation, especially legal. Don't worry, our Greek translations will guide you in the right direction.

Business Correspondence in Greek

Communication between two parties can be effective if they both show respect to each other. You can show that respect using our Greek translations services. It is always nice to read letters and other correspondence written in your native language. Translate the necessary texts for your productive interaction using these professional Greek document translations.

Greek Technical Translation

Use the many years of practice and professional wisdom of our translators to cope with one of the most boring activities - translating a manual. It is not only a boring thing to do but also a hard one. It requires an enormous concentration and precision. We can propose the most accurate English to Greek and Greek to English translation of all kinds of manuals, descriptions, flow charts, etc. You name it and we've got it. Our professionals will not make any grammar mistakes or miss a typo. They understand the importance of this type of documents.

Localization Services

Whether it is a website that needs to start a new life in a different country or other digital materials, we will be glad to help with the localization process. Greek website translation might take a long time to deliver but our experts will do everything to meet your deadlines. Even such giants as Facebook have some bugs in the non-English versions so it is difficult to avoid all of the possible mistakes. But our translators will proofread everything and make sure there is no way to confuse a user by presenting some inappropriate translations.

Benefits of Our Greek Translation Services

Most of the people in Greece don't speak English or know just a couple of words in it. So, you'll have to work hard to turn your business into a success. And TranslateShark can be your faithful companion. We have the best translators to solve your problems quickly and effectively. They can pick the right words and use the most appropriate tone to communicate your message to the prospective customers. The good news is that you will not have to spend a lot of money on making your texts look appealing to foreign readers and users. We use a simple approach where both parties - translators and clients - get what they need on time and without any complications. The translators get the guarantee of getting their remuneration and our clients can enjoy a no-risk cooperation with freelancers.

The unique feature of this service is that you can choose a translator you like based on their rating and skills. If you do not know how to make the right choice, you can leave it to our smart algorithm. We will pick the best possible alternative to fit your order requirements. By choosing our Greek translation company you make a huge investment in your prosperous future as an entrepreneur or a business partner. Rely on our Greek translation company to beat the competition. No matter what difficult situation you can get in without a proper translator by your side, we'll help you fix it. Just contact us and let our experts assist you.


No matter what service you might need, the goal is to get the best possible result without overpaying for it. When a company has a rigid price range, you can either accept these rules of the game or find another company. Our main idea is to make the translation services affordable and transparent. Therefore, the translators we cooperate with place their bids for our clients to choose the most suitable option. Some of our experts have been translating all kinds of texts for many years, others can't boast having this sort of experience. The price is formed individually and depends on the qualification of a translator, language, and number of characters. Greek is not among the most expensive languages. Only texts in Asian, African, and Scandinavian languages will cost you more than the rest. Translateshark gives you an opportunity to stay within the planned budget and still get an accurate translation.


Can I order English to Greek translation of the marketing materials such as pamphlets, stickers, etc?

We cooperate with the Greek translators who expertise in the topics correlated with marketing and PR. It is one of the most popular types of texts clients order nowadays. Our experts have vast experience in making the slogans of advertising campaigns sound natural when translated to a foreign language. You can enjoy the fruitful interaction with those who can really make any marketing slogan appealing to the target audience.

Is it possible to delete my account after I get my Greek to English translation?

Yes, you can manage your personal account in any way you like. If you think that will not need it in the future, you can easily delete it. Just note that we will not be able to restore it afterward if you change your mind.

What happens after I charge back the money from my account?

We withdraw the specified amount from your personal balance at Translateshark. In case you want to charge back more than you currently have on your balance, your orders that are still in progress will be canceled. If this is not something you want, you may contact the support team to solve this issue. Be careful when indicating the specific amount you'd like to charge back and there will be no misunderstandings.

How can I be sure I will get an accurate Greek translation?

We know how important accuracy is and, therefore, cooperate with experienced and talented translators. All of them pass several stages of evaluation to prove that the years of their working experience have helped them to improve the required skills. Also, every translator is supervised and can get an objective feedback in terms of his/her performance. Pay your attention to the rating and number of orders a particular translator has to make the right choice.

Is it possible to change the initial order requirements after posting it?

Yes, you can make changes after publishing an order even after the translators have started the bidding process. However, once you make some considerable alterations, those bids will be considered outdated. You can change the number of pages you need, deadline, etc. In case you'd like to add some specific instructions/requirements to an order, you can do so communicating directly with the translator you choose.

Privacy Policy

It is natural that you as a client worry about the safety of your personal information. Due to the relatively recent issues with social media selling the information of its clients to a third party, we want to assure our clients that using Translateshark is safe and easy. We collect only the kind of information we are allowed to by the law - your IP address, type of device you use, the way you browse on our website, etc. Any other personal facts we get from you are from your permission only. The only thing beyond our control is your direct communication with translators. Make sure you do not inform them of the personal details in the live chat.

Money Back Guarantee

According to the procedure we have, you can use our website to upload the necessary amount of money to your personal account. Then, it is easy to release payments to the translators without spending time in vain. If you decide that you no longer need our services and would like to charge the money back, you can easily do it by using your personal account page. You can't charge back the money if you have already paid to a translator and closed an order. Also, be careful when getting the money back. If you enter the amount that exceeds your current balance, the orders in progress will be automatically canceled.