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German is much more than just long and often unpronounceable words that drive us all crazy. It's considered the most popular language of the European Union. Germany has always been an attractive place in terms of starting a business there. In case you've been thinking about joining the great number of successful businesses that have developed in the Goethe's motherland, add the task of translating your documentation and marketing leaflets and brochures to your schedule. Our German translation services offer a wide range of tasks you can solve with our help. They know the slightest differences between the Swiss, Austrian, and Belgian versions of German and can make any text sound interesting for locals.

Although Germany can boast to be one of the most organized countries in the world, there in still a lot of time-consuming bureaucracy involved in any business start-up. You have to be well-prepared to dedicate some of your time to the English to German translation procedures. The experienced translators at TranslateShark can assist you in doing it fast and of high quality.

Language Facts

There are a lot of regional differences within the country. This includes a lot of dialects, cultural differences, etc. You have to make a tough decision and identify the cities you want to include in your company's list and develop the appropriate marketing activities to support the launch. Once you're done with that, you can contact a professional translator who can find the right German words for your campaign. For example, Bavaria – the southeastern Germany state – is a unique place with its own traditions, vocabulary, and grammar. You need to take all of that into account if you want to attract the attention of the local audience with your catchy advertising.

The German language features make it obvious that you'll need a professional translator to cope with your problems. It has to be a person who knows the up-to-date information and can speak with your prospective customers using the formulations they can comprehend and appreciate. beware of the peculiarities of the German language that vary from one region to another. It concerns not only Germany but the Swiss, Austrian, Belgian versions as well. TranslateShark, we offer you the services of qualified experts who have a tracked record of successful translation orders. You can read the testimonials of the previous clients and choose the person that fits all of your requirements.

Types of German Translation Services We Offer

There is no communication problem that our German translation company would not be able to solve. We know what words to choose to avoid altering the meaning of your text and communicate the right idea to your target audience. Our employees have expertise in German-English translation and can easily translate documents from English to German.

One of the important parts of receiving the type of translation you need is choosing an appropriate translator to do the job. Every translation has unique peculiarities and requirements. It is better to discuss these details with an expert directly either than use an intermediary. That is why you are free to pick an expert you feel fits the job best. Our translators come from around the world and have different backgrounds. You can check their rating and ask about expertise before committing to a single candidate. Our goal is to gather as many talented and qualified German translators as possible. Translateshark will be the ultimate place to find a translator who can cope with a text of any complexity.

Marketing Communication Kit in German

The quality of your marketing materials is crucial for making a statement in the business world. The message you want to communicate should be clear and appealing. To do that in a foreign language, you have to know the specifics of that tongue and even the traditions of local people. There were many examples when a marketing campaign turned out to be a disaster because of a disrespectful text on the ads. Our native German speakers who are professional translators will make sure that every slogan and the commercial message stays within the guidelines. We can take care of translating a marketing kit for you within a short period of time if you choose these professional German translation services.

German Legal Translation

We offer fast German document translation services to help our clients grow their businesses. Whether it is a contract you need to translate or a simple bank notice, Translateshark is the best choice to do it quickly and efficiently.

Business Correspondence in German

  • A lot of entrepreneurs often underestimate the importance of business cards. It's something you give to a person hoping to get a call in the nearest future. Your card has to stand out and make a positive impression on that person. Therefore, it has to be written in the language that person speaks and using the right words. And we can do it for you.
  • And don't forget about your business presentation. It will be a good sign of deep interest in cooperation if you send your prospective business partners a presentation in their native language. We can translate yours in no time. We work every day and are always glad to welcome new clients. Don't hesitate and start developing your company with our help.
  • Use our expertise to write business letters. Make sure the communication remains on a high level even if you lack the knowledge of German.

German Technical Translation

It is not an easy job to be a technical translator. A person has to be very attentive to details and to like boring texts. If you've ever come across any type of manual, you know that it is not an exciting thing to read. But we still need them in our lives. If you need them for your business, there is no better place than Translateshark to order their translation.

Website Localization Services

This German translation company is a great chance for you to save money and still get the impressive results. There are multiple agencies that offer web localization assistance but charge a lot. For a small business that wants to enter the next stage of development and enter a foreign market, it is not feasible. We help small business to reach their ambitious goals no matter what. Whether you need to translate your website from English to German or from German into English, our experts will find the most appropriate terms and tone to do that.

Benefits of Our German Translation Services

We have affordable prices so that every small company that has big dreams would be able to make them true. This is a unique chance to work with professional freelance translators excluding all the risks. You can forget about the possibility of a freelancer tricking you into paying them and then disappearing with your money. This will never happen until you have the guarantees of our German translation services. We have experts who can solve all of your German-English translation communication problems. You can give the most specific instructions and choose the type of the translation - formal or informal - to meet the expectations of the target audience.

Our mission is to help startups and individual entrepreneurs find new ways of making their businesses profitable even if it means going global. There can be more opportunities for growth in a foreign market with different needs and possibilities. Needless to say that purchasing power differs from region to region and can play a significant role in the profitability statements. Do not let your ideas end up with disappointment. Use the knowledge and skills of our writers to get to the top.


The fact that is worth mentioning right away is that Translateshark has no hidden costs - you pay the amount you see. Furthermore, you can choose how much to pay for the translation services. You will see a list of experts ready to help you. Relying on their ratings and bids, you can choose the most fitting option. It is a fair and transparent process and both parties win - you get a lower price and a translator gets many orders. German is among the languages that are quite popular and, therefore, the translation you order will not cost you a lot unlike it is in the case of Asian and African languages. The number of translators to and from these languages is considerably less than to and from European languages. Overall, the price you will see depends on the experience and qualification of experts as well.


Do you have translators with expertise in German dialects?

You will definitely find a translator with the necessary knowledge at Translateshark. We make sure there are translators with different backgrounds and specializations. There are German native speakers who have a broad experience in translating texts containing dialect expressions. the only thing we would ask you to do is to discuss all the expectations you have with an expert beforehand. Doing so, you will eliminate the chance of misunderstandings and disappointments.

Where is your company located? In Germany?

Translateshark is based in Cyprus. However, we cooperate with translators from around the globe to make sure there is an expert in every specific niche and field of knowledge. They come from English-speaking and non-English speaking countries. You are free to choose a translator looking at their rating and background. In case you are looking for an expert coming from a specific location (due to the dialects used there, for example) you can learn more by communicating with them directly.

Can I get a discount if I place several orders on German translation?

Due to the fact that our company is an intermediary between translators and clients, we don't want to interfere in the bidding process. Instead of providing our clients with discounts, we make the prices affordable and transparent. You can easily plan your budget by choosing a translator who is ready to start working on your order. the price does not depend on the number of orders you place.

How much will it take for a translator to translate a press release to German?

Urgency is the main factor of success when it comes to marketing and PR. Our translators will try their best to deliver the translation within the shortest period of time. The deadline will depend on the complexity of your text and the number of characters. If your order is really urgent, discuss the possible time of delivery with a translator.

Can I count on confidentiality?

We take the question of our clients' confidentiality very seriously. Translateshark guarantees that the personal information you submit will not be disclosed without your permission according to our privacy policy. However, we encourage you not to discuss any personal details in a live chat with your translator as we have no control over their actions.

Privacy Policy

We are a law abiding company and follow the strict regulations when it comes to the disclosure of our clients' personal information.

We collect only the information that is allowed to the online businesses and inform you about that. Note that we can share the information you provide to us with our partner companies. We do it only because the services our partner companies provide can be useful to you as well. We will not transmit the information to the third parties if it is not requested by the law.

Money Back Guarantee

There is only one rule that plays a significant role in the process of getting a refund. You should do it before you make a payment to a translator. After that, the order will be complete and closed. It is not uncommon for clients to change their mind and refuse of the translation services at some point during the process. If you want to get the money you've uploaded to your personal account, be sure to do it before you realease them to the translator of your choice.