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Some associate the French language with romantic relationships, art galleries, and sophistication of any kind. It's a beautiful language that is spoken by more than 100 million people who determine French as their mother tongue. You are probably aware of the possible profits of turning the French-speaking community into your customers. If so, there's no reason for waiting and it's high time to start acting. You can get the professional French translation services now and start developing your business by enlarging the number of prospective clients. Our qualified translators will be glad to assist you.

Language Facts

  • There are two official languages in Canada. Around 20% of the population of Canada name French as their mother tongue. Canadians have the right to get the education in French if they wish. If your goal is to melt the hearts of francophones in Canada, you need to adapt your materials to their native language. A French Canadian might have to make some minor changes in his/her accent to be understood by someone coming from France. But in general, there is no difference between them. Our French Canadian translation company can solve any communication difficulties.
  • It is amazing that people can learn French in every country in the world. Anyone can sign up for language courses and master French. If you already speak English, learning French will not be too challenging as you will know about one-third of the words that came from French. But there is also a discouraging fact for all the learners - around 20,000 of words are created every year. You will have to keep up with the development of the French language to be fluent in it.

Types of French Translation Services We Offer

Our expert French translators can make any text sound convincing, romantic, informative, etc. It al depends on the purpose you have in mind. Do not hesitate to give thorough instructions to our gurus. The primary goal for us is to deliver the type of content that fits your business plan. Use our French translation solutions to avoid all the possible legal issues.

Marketing Translation

When you decide to develop your business by including new markets to its portfolio, you'll need to translate a lot of marketing materials to find business partners and grab the attention of the local audience. TranslateShark can help your business with the translation of product catalogs, marketing brochures, presentations, etc. We are always ready to deliver the accurate translation to you and find the solutions to your dilemmas. One of the things you need to realize is that those words you choose for your marketing materials in English won't always fit into the cultural frames of other markets speaking a different language. French translation services we provide are of the highest quality.

For any translator, it is necessary to stay informed about the contemporary language peculiarities and changes in the grammar. It's obvious that French has been changing and you need a good translator to guide you through those changes and suggest some fresh and effective solutions. The outcome of any advertising campaign depends on the medium of communication you prefer and the information you give. To do everything right, you need someone who knows the cultural aspects of your target audience and can turn your marketing messages into something every French-speaking person could appeal to.

French Legal Translation

French document translation is something you should never do using a dictionary and Google Translate. There are multiple things to consider when working on a legal document. The special vocabulary the legal professionals use can sound too complicated and illogical but that is the standard procedure. You have to abide the common rules for the business documentation to be in place. French Canadian translation will cause you no problems if you choose our company.

Business Correspondence in French

It is almost inappropriate to discuss business on the phone in the 21st century. We write letters now and text our business partners or their secretaries. To be successful, every letter you send has to be easy to understand and follow the main guidelines of business etiquette. Whether it is English into French or French to English translation, this company will not let you down. You won't have to risk your investments during the communication process as we will take care of every language barrier there might be. Use the exceptional skills of our expert French translators to make your correspondence flawless.

French Technical Translation

To describe how to use a product might be not as easy as it seems. If you've ever read a manual, you know that this type of descriptions requires great attention and writing skills. Translating it is as much difficult as it is writing it. If you are in search for French technical translation experts, you are welcome at Translateshark!

Website Localization

Nowadays, it's impossible to imagine a company or start-up that doesn't have an official website or, at least, an attractive landing page. It might be one of the first things people will see that is connected with your brand. That's why it's very important to make it as easy and interesting to navigate as possible. The previous experience shows that the information you have on the website will play a crucial role in customers' decision-making process of whether to buy your product/service or not. There's so a lot of things you need to tell the audience but you don't want your site to look overload with words and numbers.

Benefits of Our French Translation Company

Once you've made the final decision on the information you want to include on your website, be ready to reduce the number of words be two times when translating it into French. As a rule, your French translation will be from 25 to 30% larger than the original text. Our French translation company gives you an option of choosing a translator you feel fits your requirements best. We cooperate with numerous experts to make sure there is always someone to support our clients. Our prices are more than affordable as we take a transparent approach. Use our French translation solutions to eliminate all of the communication barriers with your friends and business companions. No matter if they are in France, Canada, Belgium, or any other region, we'll be glad to help.