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Dutch is a very exciting to learn. There are a lot of words that sound like somebody's clearing his throat and it's one of the easiest languages to learn if you already speak English. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, has become an international city for businessmen from around the world and you might consider it for starting there your own company. The people are very friendly and almost everyone understands English. So, there will be no big problems with day-to-day communication if you move there. But managing your business without having your documentation translated in Dutch or your website having only an English version won't get you very far.

For that reason, you may need the services of a professional translator some day. It's essential for all of your texts to be translated without any grammar errors or inappropriate expressions. And TranslateShark can help you with it. We cooperate with the most qualified experts from all over the world to make it possible for any client to find the perfect translator. We have a clear and easy procedure of placing an order and you can get an instant quote right away. The most valuable thing we all have is time and you won't spend yours in vain working with us.

Some of the Most Interesting Facts About Dutch

Whether you're thinking about learning Dutch or have some friends living in the Netherlands, it'll be useful for you to find out more about this amazing language.

It's an Old Language.

The roots of the Dutch language date back to the 6th century. It's one of the oldest languages in Europe and got popular thanks to the business people of those times. Many merchants and entrepreneurs spoke Dutch and turned into the business language.

It Has a Very Difficult Pronunciation.

Dutch is similar to the English and German languages but has a very distinctive feature. Some of the words are completely impossible to pronounce. It was a great way of telling if someone is a spy or not during the World War II. And. As you can imagine, a lot of soldiers failed the pronunciation test and the consequences were not very positive for them.

It Borrowed a Lot of Words from French and Hebrew.

It's a common thing for the foreign words to get widely used by people when they are more precise and describe a particular phenomenon in the best possible way. So, the words in French were popularized by the posh people and those in Hebrew were mostly used as a street slang.

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