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China is like a lighthouse to all the business ships all over the world. Its colorful lights keep attracting more and more investors and entrepreneurs. If you've made the decision to become one of them, you'll need a qualified translator to guide you through all the difficulties and odds of he Chinese language. The message you'd like to communicate has to be clear and comprehensive to the consumers. Otherwise, all of your efforts will be spent in vain.

Before we go any further, there's one crucial point to understand. You might need two kinds of translations – English to traditional Chinese (Cantonese) and English to simplified Chinese (Mandarin). It's very important for you to know in which regions you're going to start your business so that our translator could decide which translation to use. Traditional Chinese is used for such regions as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. The main difference between the two options is that the simplified Chinese uses fewer characters and fewer strokes. Keep that in mind and let our professionals help you reach the desired results.

Different Culture Means Different Approach

China has almost nothing in common with the Western world's culture. It's a completely different world with its own rules and behavior requirements. When you decide to start your business there, you need to evaluate all of the possible risks and the probability of your products or services' success. Something people in England find attractive and useful might turn out to be completely useless to a Chinese person.

When looking for a business partner in China make sure to translate all of the necessary documents – annual reports, balance sheets, business plans, etc. - to make the right impression of a devoted entrepreneur. The translators you'll find at TranslateShark will help you to avoid misunderstandings spending enough time to deliver flawless documents to you. We encourage you to choose a translator on your own taking his or her experience into account and checking the testimonials of previous clients.

Accuracy and Support

We guarantee you the high accuracy of the translation you get as we cooperate only with professional and experienced translators. To keep the meaning of your message and find the appropriate words in Chinese is the two tasks our experts can cope with best of all. No matter what industry your business is involved in, you'll find the best person to become your personal translator and guide to this old and vibrant culture.

We've developed a transparent process of placing and receiving the orders fro our clients' convenience. You need to pay only for the parts you receive and as you receive them. No payment is required until then. We care about the quality of the translation as much as you do.