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If the first association you have when seeing the three letters C-A-T is a fluffy adorable creature, you are definitely not a translator. Professional translators would immediately think of the Computer-Assisted Translation. CAT tools help you increase productivity a lot. Choosing the right one might be challenging and we want to help you.

How CAT Tools Can Help You

You can work with a great amount of information, cooperate with colleagues, be consistent, and analyze the final results. One of the special features all online translation tools have is a translation memory. Several translators can work on one text and use the input of each other. You’ll know the exact word your colleagues used to translate a particular term.

You can also add some of the frequently repeated words and phrases to the CAT tools memory and you won’t have to type them in anymore. You’ll be able to focus only on the translation process. It’s also much easier to calculate the price of an order using online translation tools. They will make a thorough analysis of a source text and help you charge a reasonable price for it.

The review process will become a piece of cake. It’s much more efficient to compare your translation to a source text when you have both columns simultaneously on your screen. And CAT tools give you an opportunity to do so. Now that we know about the advantages of the CAT tools, let’s find out more about each of them.

With a great abundance of the CAT tools available today, it’s pretty easy to get lost. We’ve gathered the best tools for you and categorized them for your convenience. Choose the category you like most and check all of the possible options.

Top Free CAT Tools

Not all of the CAT tools will cost you a fortune. You can find some pretty effective ones to use for free. They probably suit best mostly the freelance translators who only start getting to know various translation tools.

omegat translation tool is very easy to learn, works fast and almost never crashes (one of the most important features). It has all of the basic functions of online translation tools including spell and grammar check. You can add some functions using scripts as well. The absence of shortcuts for placing glossary matches and constant difficulties with merging and splitting the segments make the translation process not so comfortable as you might expect it to be. translation tool helps you work faster by giving you a perfect base of quality automatic translation. Its large collaborative translation memory guarantees you from 10% to 20% more matches than any other tool does. You can have a total control over the translation process and be sure to meet your deadlines. Its only drawback is a limited number of functions. Otherwise, it’s a perfect tool for a professional translator. is a great free tool that lets you use DeepL, Google, Microsoft Translator, and Linguee dictionary without a browser. All you have to do is to download it to your computer and enjoy.

Top Fee-Based CAT Tools

Although the free tools can help you a lot, the productivity of your work can be greatly increased by those you have to pay for. They have some very useful features you won’t be able to ignore.

wordfast translation tool

You’ll love if you’re an MS Word fan. It has all of the Word features plus some of its own and supports a wide range of file formats. It’s perfect for freelance translators and can be of help anytime and anywhere due to its cloud-based TM tool. It has MS Word-based interface which makes the translation process even more convenient and familiar for those who have been using MS Word before. One more advantage is that you can use the trial version for as long as you wish. However, there is a limit to its translation memory – only 500 segments.

swordfish translation tool

Swordfish is an advanced CAT tool aimed at experienced professional translators. It gets constant improvements and the updates are free unlike for most of other tools. It has a completely reasonable price and is compatible with Trados. If you want to try something new and forget about SDL Trados for just a moment, Swordfish will be perfect for you. translation tool

Across is developed for freelancers. The main message this software-based translation is sending you is saving your money (compared to other CAT tools). There are basic (free) and premium versions. However, the speed of work is quite low because of nice but unnecessary design. There’s also no option to indicate the directory where you will store all of your files.

FluencyNow translation tool

Fluency Now is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. It is also one of the affordable online translation tools a freelance translator can easily afford. There are free video tutorials you can watch to learn everything you need about the new tool faster and start working. You can also use their technical support in case you have some questions. Multiple machine translations and translation memory are all here.

Top Cloud-Based CAT Tools

You can have an internet access from almost any part of the world nowadays. That’s the beauty of a freelance translator – ability to work from any place in the world. It would be irrational of you not to try some of the web-based tools becoming so popular nowadays.

Transifex translation tool

Transifex is a modern and fresh tool perfect for crowdsourced translations. If you need to translate video subtitles, your official website or its landing page, Transifex is exactly what you need. Several translators can work on your texts maintaining consistency thanks to the feature of concordance search. translation tool is a web-based platform with the goal to simplify the collaborative translation process. The implementation is quite easy. It’s a cloud-based translation system aimed at improving the collaborative work of translators. Managers can get regular updates on the progress and keep the translation process under their control. The main disadvantages of this system are its slow speed due to the web-based platform and impossibility to upload your glossary to speed up the process.

Now it’s time to talk about the leaders of the CAT tools market. Why are they so popular? Let’s find out.

SDL Trados Studio

Being #1 translation software, SDL Trados Studio can afford to spend a lot of money on the improvements and innovations of their software. The bad news is that you’ll have to pay a considerable amount of money for it. It’s a PC-based system, so the high speed of work is guaranteed. The new version has more features for more effective translation. You can personalize the layout and make sure nothing distracts you from work. You can now easily import the final version of the document without copying and pasting. The software became more flexible and comfortable to use. CAT tool

The fact that professional translators took part in the creation of MemoQ can’t be ignored. The quality and usability of this PC-based software are similar to those of SDL Trados. Only professional translators took part in its development and you can really feel it. Everything feature guarantees you comfortable and safe working process. It is compatible with other CAT tools which is helpful. MemoQ has a much more affordable price than Trados and can be a fair substitute.

Top Translators’ Community

ProZ is probably the most popular platform for professional translators. You can discuss any topic relevant to translation here and find the answers to your questions. There is a nice opportunity to find a job here so check the corresponding section once in a while. It seems like you can find all the answers a translator may have on ProZ forum so use it wisely.

You can learn more about each of these CAT tools on their official websites. All of them come in hand but have some disadvantages. You simply need to choose the one you’re most comfortable using. Downloading the trial versions will give you a taste of each of these tools and help you make the right decision.

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