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At some point of your life, you will have an idea of getting a tattoo. Because, well, everybody does. Some make the decision of decorating their skin with tattoos, others are against it. There are a lot of pros and cons and you have to be 100% sure you need a tattoo. The tip we can give you is to avoid the “spur of the moment” decisions and think carefully. There are thousands of stories when people made tattoos of the names of their beloved ones or even inked the portraits on their bodies hoping to live happily ever after. But nothing lasts forever and making a tattoo disappear is not as easy as you might think – it’s a painful procedure. Besides, tattoo translation mistakes happen all the time.

It’s better and safer to go for something that will stay relevant for you in 10, 20, and more years from now. That is why many people choose popular sayings or famous philosophic quotes. Very often they are made in a foreign language. The most important point is to make sure the tattoo translation is accurate and you are not writing a Chinese recipe instead of words of wisdom on you arm. Sometimes Chinese tattoo symbols translation can be tricky and it’s easy to alter the original meaning of a phrase. Just one wrong stroke can make a huge difference. If you plan to make a tattoo, ask a professional translator to help you. It’s once and for life, after all.

Chinese Tattoo Translation

It seems that Chinese tattoos will always be popular. You can often meet people having a Chinese symbol on their wrist or back. Those symbols don’t take much space and look cool. Besides, no one will know what they mean unless they speak the language or you tell them yourself. Unfortunately, there are numerous cases when the final result has a completely different Chinese tattoo translation. Here are some of the trendy tattoo Chinese translation you can find appealing:


If you want to translate one word to Chinese, you can use dictionaries and online translation tools. It gets more complicated when it comes to the translation of an expression or sentence. Check in with a native speaker if you have an opportunity to do so. This will minimize the risks. The most popular choices of Chinese tattoos are dragons for guys and traditional flowers for ladies:

tattoo6 tattoo5

Japanese Tattoo Translation

If you like Japan, there are numerous options of tattoos you can go for. Keep in mind that Japanese tattoo translation is not less tricky than the Chinese one. One wrong stroke of your tattoo master and the symbol you’ve been choosing so carefully turns into a random (inappropriate) word.

These are some of the symbols you might be interested in:


Whatever you do, just don’t choose a Pokemon tattoo. There are high chances that you’ll regret it in the future. Everybody are crazy about those cute creatures but their popularity will come to an end some day. And your tattoo will be an undeniable proof of you being a part of that madness. Modern tattoos also include some additional details, like traditional Japanese elements. Sakura blossoms remain to be on the top of the popularity list:



Hebrew Tattoo Translation

The obsession with Hebrew tattoos still exists. You may have noticed that even non-Jewish celebrities have them inked on their perfect bodies. And there’s nothing surprising about this fact as the lettering has aesthetically- pleasant nature and the famous expressions communicate the wisdom of the past centuries. You can choose a quote in Hebrew or ask for a Hebrew tattoo translation of your own words.


As you might have guessed, a lot of people find the words in Hebrew that harmonize with their inner world and have a strong connection with religion. Everyone can find something that applies to his/her way of life. Just make sure your tattoo means exactly what you think it means.

Songs of Solomon 6:3- “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” The fans of Victoria Beckham might have recognized it:


The word “Yahweh” is a sacred name of god in the Old Testament:


Arabic Tattoo Translation

Arabic has an undoubtedly hypnotizing flow of letters that attracts everyone’s attention. It is elegant and mysterious. No wonder that more and more people prefer this kind of tattoos. You need to know that the Arabic language has three variants: Classical, Modern Standard and dialectal. There are some major differences between them and you should keep that in mind when choosing a tattoo idea. Use Arabic tattoo translation services to make your dream come true. This is what some concepts look like written in Arabic:


And here are some of the examples of tattoos in Arabic:


You can also consider making an Arabic calligraphy tattoos that are simply mesmerizing. The idea is to write something in a way that it creates a specific image. Check out these examples:


Tibetan Tattoo Translation

Buddhism had a great influence on the development of the Tibetan culture. If you are familiar with its main concepts and find them appealing, you might start thinking of getting a Tibetan style tattoo. If you want an inscription on your body, you can use either the Standard Tibetan language or Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a sacred language of Buddhism. Look for a certified translator agency to make an accurate translation of your future tattoo. There is a small number of experienced professional translators so be careful. Your tattoo may look somewhat like this:



“Everything happens for a reason”:


You can also add some images that align with the concepts of Buddhism:

tattoo32 tattoo33

There are millions of tattoo ideas you can explore to find something that is right for you. The most important thing to be aware of is that the translation of tattoos into foreign languages may be very complex. If you search the web for the cases of people making tattoos that has a completely different meaning from the one they intend to, you’ll find thousands of them. Erasing your tattoo with a laser or making a new one to cover it up are not the best options. It’s better to pay attention to all the details at the beginning. Have fun and make the right choice!

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