Spanish Phrases: How to Sound Like a Local

There are so many reasons for visiting Spain. The beauty of Barcelona, the sandy beaches of Ibiza, the cultural life of Madrid, and the mesmerizing ocean waves in Bilbao are only a few of them. If you want to make a good impression and communicate with locals, you will need to learn some of the common phrases. They will help you stand out from the rest of the tourists. Besides, every local citizen values the efforts of tourists to have a conversation in their native Spanish language. Check these categories of Spanish phrases and memorize the ones you like.

spanish phrases

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German Phrases: How to Sound Like a Local

The lack of foreign language skills can be quite stressful while traveling. There definitely will be a situation when there is no opportunity to avoid an interaction with local people. No matter on what level of studying common German phrases you might be, there are always some useful expressions that can save the day.

german phrases

You know that the phrases you find in textbooks can be completely different from those the Germans use in their everyday life. In this article, you will find all sorts of phrases in German that you can use to sound like a native. We’ve grouped them into different categories for your convenience.

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Top CAT Tools to Increase Your Productivity

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If the first association you have when seeing the three letters C-A-T is a fluffy adorable creature, you are definitely not a translator. Professional translators would immediately think of the Computer-Assisted Translation. CAT tools help you increase productivity a lot. Choosing the right one might be challenging and we want to help you.

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Go Global: Appropriate Topics of Conversation With A Foreigner


  1. Spain
  2. Switzerland
  3. Sweden
  4. Singapore
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. South Korea
  7. South Africa
  8. Scotland

How to start a conversation with a foreign prospective business partner? What topics are appropriate for discussing with them and which are not? Are there topics that would melt their hearts and make a conciliatory gesture towards you? You might be surprised by the number of different communication taboos that exist around the globe. There is no way you can make a guess based on your cultural experience that will meet the expectations of a conversation partner from another country. However, you as an entrepreneur still need to make a positive first impression on your colleagues and investors. Let’s explore the appropriate topics of conversation that are present in different parts of the world.

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Go Global: Psychological Aspects of International Web Design  

The golden rule of marketing is to know your audience and create messages about your product or service that will be appealing to that audience. Every type of an audience requires a marketer to use a specific way of presenting the information to get his message across. It is not an easy task to do but things get even more complicated when we talk about international businesses and startups. The web design can be the key to communication between you and your customers.

Analyzing the cultural differences and psychological aspects of the market you want to conquer is a crucial part of starting a business outside your homeland. This is a new unexplored territory and you need to gather some helpful facts. Luckily for you, a great scientist, Geert Hofstede, has done a tremendous work to make the research easier. Here are the most detailed guide to creating a successful web design for different countries of the world using psychological tools.

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Moving from the U.S. to Sweden: What’s It Like?

Our editor Susan decided to move to Sweden and start a new stage of her life there. She shares some interesting facts about her experience.

Realisationsvinstbeskattning. This is the longest word in Swedish you can find in the dictionary. The Swedish language is much more flexible that English and allows you to create extremely long words without breaking any grammar rules. If you are creative enough, you can come up with a word consisting of more than 90 letters. After finding out about these facts, learning Swedish may seem impossible and moving to Sweden like a foolish idea. After all, it is the language barrier that plays a significant role in the adaptation process.

But this information did not stop me from moving from the U.S. to Sweden. I’ve been to Stockholm for many times and can say that this is one of the few places that makes me feel like home. I enjoy the calm atmosphere, caring people, and even those rare sunny days which you begin appreciate much more after coming here. It was not that hard to make the final decision and pack my bags. If you think of moving to Sweden someday, I’d like to share some of my insights with you.

Moving from the U.S. to Sweden

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Go Global with Translateshark: Canada

We continue to share some practical tips on going global with your business. We’ve already shared the insights on business opportunities New Zealand has to offer and it’s time to check what a young investor can expect from starting a company in Canada. It is a multinational country with promising ratings in economic growth and business development. The government supports the economy with fair tax costs and convenient regulatory norms. Canada definitely deserves paying close attention to the opportunities it gives to a foreign entrepreneur.


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Go Global with Translateshark: New Zealand

Many of the world’s business people if not all of them dream of building a successful multinational company. The feeling of creating something that people all around the globe need and appreciate is indescribable. It constitutes that an entrepreneur has managed to find a universal language that not only local customers understand. Or alternatively, s/he might have discovered several specific approaches to engage the international audience speaking different languages.

In most of the cases, conquering new markets is a logical step in the development process of any type of business. After a time-consuming and thorough analysis, it becomes obvious what country to choose for the business expansion. What to do next? How to communicate the benefits of your company? Where to find help? To overcome the challenges, it will be helpful and inspiring to know a little about those who’ve managed to succeed. We’ve gathered the stories of the great entrepreneurs from all around the world to give you the useful tips and necessary information.

We’ll start with New Zealand as it is one of the most welcoming countries for foreigners who want to build a business there.

new zealand

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The Surprizing Effects of Learning Languages

A shocking fact: of all the languages we have today, only a tiny fraction will stay in the future. The humanity is on its way to creating a universal language everybody will understand. The languages of today will either alter a lot or disappear with some time. Does that mean that there is no rational reason to learn a foreign language except for becoming more educated? Why should you dedicate time to learning French if you are not planning to stay in France for more than a couple of weeks, right? And do your children need to do it as well?

learning languages

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