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People living in twenty-two countries recognize Arabic to be their official language. You might want some day to expand the boundaries of your company and try to reach the new audience including two hundred million people whose native language is Arabic. When translating legal documentation, marketing kits, financial statements, etc., you need to know who your target audience is and what kind of language to use.

Language Facts

  • There are two Arabic language forms you can consider using – the Classical Arabic and the Modern Standard Arabic. The latter one is generally used in mass media and books written by the contemporary authors. Translators often use it for business documents and marketing materials. The modern form is in a way easier than the classical one and understood by the greater number of people. The classical form is more of a written language than a spoken one. You may need it for translating into Arabic religious or cultural content.
  • Just like almost any other language, Arabic has a huge number of dialects. Some of these dialects dramatically transform the language and make it almost impossible for citizens of various countries to communicate with each other. A professional translator knows that and will discuss the possible options of translation with you. It's always a great benefit to get some valuable piece of advice from an experienced person to make the cooperation more effective.
  • One more exciting feature of the Arabic language is the punctuation which is quite similar to that of the Western rules. Although you might see some alterations to the well-known symbols being inverted or reversed. The English language has borrowed some words from Arabic we use every day. So, if we ignore the fact that these languages are very different in terms of grammar and alphabet, there are some exciting similarities between them.

Types of Arabic Translation We Offer

We can become a loyal partner to individuals and big corporations. Translateshark makes the communication process easier either it is between two companies or two individuals. The level of the Arabic translation services we provide will help you reach the desired business and communication goals. You can count on our support in case you need help with:

  • Arabic marketing translation
  • Arabic legal translation
  • Arabic business correspondence translation
  • Arabic technical translation
  • Arabic website localization

Arabic Translation for Marketing

For the international brands that want to conquer global markets, we offer a handful of solutions. If you need to adapt the advertising materials for the global marketing campaigns, write press releases, translate texts for social media ads, we will be glad to help you. Our native speaking Arabic translators are aware of the specifics of terms and tones. They will make sure your texts appeal to the target audience and communicate the idea of your brand in the right way.

Arabic Translation Services with Legal Expertise

We are the real experts when it comes to the legal translation of Arabic documents. Our intentions are to keep the initial meaning of any document and choose the corresponding words for that. The years of experience has turned all of our English to Arabic translators into indisputable professionals. A person needs to be very attentive and meticulous to deliver perfectly structured Arabic documents. This is exactly what our employees can guarantee.

Business Correspondence in Arabic

Translateshark will make the communication between you and your business partners a lot easier. We know all of the rules and etiquette of business correspondence when translating into Arabic. You can be sure that using this service there will be no misunderstanding and wrong interpretations. Your letters and emails will be flawless.

Arabic Technical Translation

You can order a wide range of technical documents translation like user manuals and service manuals. This type of translation is difficult because there are multiple requirements to the style and tone. We have selected the bright and talented translators to be a part of our team. You will be in good hands working with them. It is less expensive to use the services of a freelance translator when you have the guarantees to get exactly what you want than hire someone on a full-time position. And Translateshark will make sure all the guarantees are in place.

Website Localization

It is hard to imagine a business that would not have an online presence on the target market. No matter what kind of company or personal brand you have, you need a website. It is the first step to building trustworthy relationships with your prospective clients. Our experts have analyzed dozens of Arabic websites to find out the main characteristics of the successful ones. There are numerous limitations to what is acceptable and not acceptable for Arabic websites in terms of information representation. They can now apply this knowledge to your particular case. Analogically, in case you are looking for Arabic to English translator to help you adapt the existing website to the psychology of the Western world countries, you are in the right place.

Benefits of Our Arabic Translation Company

The first thing our clients pay attention to when visiting this website is the pricing policy. You will notice that we have affordable prices that allow even small businesses and individual entrepreneurs use the help of the professional native speaking Arabic translators. You can either choose a translator yourself taking their rating and services' cost into consideration or leave it to us. You can also rely on the testimonials of the other clients and the translator's rating to make the right choice. We will pick the most suitable candidate. One more thing you can expect from our cooperation is prompt delivery. We are aware of the tough business environment ever entrepreneur has to face. There will be no delay and you'll get Arabic to English or English to Arabic translation by the deadline.

As there different types of texts written for different target audiences, we offer you the option of choosing a tone of the translation. It can be informal, informal, business, or formal depending on the purpose the text. If you are not sure which tone to choose, our experts will make some suggestions. You're always welcome to ask questions and make suggestions on how to make our service better. We know there's a place for improvement and work hard to become perfect for our customers. Choose our Arabic translation company to conquer new markets and grow your business.