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Albanian is spoken by around seven million people in the world. Its roots go back to the ancient times and it is one of the oldest languages in Europe. Albanian is thought to be the language of the Indo-European family but has no obvious historical correlations with other languages of the group. That's why we might come to a conclusion that it creates a new group that has no similarities with others. It's not a popular language within the community of translators and its can be difficult to find an expert who will be able to help you. At TranslateShark, we offer Albanian translation services and guarantee you the top quality results.

Our professionals are aware of the fact that this beautiful language has two major dialect groups - Gheg and Tosk. They will follow your instructions and translate your text in compliance with them. The modern Albanian tongue is a combination of these two dialects. No matter if you need an English-to-Albanian or Albanian-to-English translation, we are ready to assist you. There are a lot of areas we can help you with:


We can take care of your documentation and make its accurate translation fast and effectively. Our experts know the specific terminology used in this area and can cope with any task you have for them. You can order agreements, business contracts, and other documents here.


The translation of your financial documents will be safe with our experts. We hire those candidates who have a background in the financial sector and will use the appropriate terms and find the right equivalents in corresponding languages.


The entrepreneurs around the globe want to make their business an international success. And the localization process is the key point here. We have a broad experience in translating marketing materials, brand slogans and all kinds of documents you need on your way to conquering a new market.


If you want to your business to be successful, you need an online store. There's a positive trend in e-commerce development in the world now and you need to use this opportunity. We can take care of your website's localization, subbing your videos, etc. There's nothing we can't cope with when it comes to localization.


Do you want your marketing campaign to be noticeable and memorable? Then you need to make it in the local language. You can rely on us when it comes to finding the right words to communicate your brand's main idea. We have talented professionals with marketing experience who will help you reach your goals.


Our experts know the technical terminology to make your translation in manufacturing accurate. We employ only experienced people so you can be sure of the quality of work they do.